Commercial Sanitisation
and Deep Clean Service

Fast, high quality, low cost sanitisation service. No risk, no residue and no downtime.

The benefits of our disinfection service

  • Total coverage of sanitising on every surface, even impossible to reach areas leaving no residue.
  • Quick and safe with no downtime, meaning the area can be used straight away.
  • Certified to BSEN standards including BSEN 14476.
  • Effective to 99.9999% (log 6 Kill rate) on Viruses and Bacteria.
  • Kills airborne pathogens as well as surface.
  • The same formula used in Hospitals, Ambulances, Schools, Care Homes and Covid-19 testing centres among others.
  • Ensuring peace of mind for stakeholders in any treated area.

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Protect the health of Staff and Customers

We offer a bespoke service of test, treat and protect for all our clients.

All of our products and services can be tailored to your specific needs to ensure a safer environment for colleagues and clients/ patients/residents alike in this unprecedented public health crisis and beyond.


Using an ATP hygiene test we will measure the level of contamination in your premises


Using our unique bio sanitiser we will treat your premises using a highly effective misting technique


Using our effective misting bottles we will educate your staff on how to maintain a safe level of sanitisation alongside ongoing support to ensure sufficient hygiene levels are maintained. We have an array of hand sanitisers including some refillable products meaning that you will be able to protect your clients and staff during the covid 19 pandemic and beyond.

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Let our highly trained colleagues take care of the treatment of your area/workplace.

We test the level of contamination on surfaces using a universally recognised tool before we begin sanitising. We then use highly effective misting equipment to fill an entire room with a fine mist of our safe biocide. The mist is left to settle upon every surface in the area, even impossible to reach areas like under desks and in corners.

The product will then treat and work on the pathogens and the room will be ready after a few minutes. We will also give special treatment to hotspots such as light switches, door handles and other area’s which encounter a lot of human interaction to reduce the chance of cross-contamination and protect against infection. The air in the room is also treated as the mist fills the area.

This service is suitable for many workplaces from GP surgeries to beauty salons to hairdressers and childcare premises.

How long does the process take?

This depends on the size of the area, our unique turbo misting equipment can cover 200 cubic metres in 20 minutes

Do I need to wait before using a recently treated area?

There is no downtime because the product is safe, it does not even require the use of PPE unless there is a risk that there has been an outbreak of infection.

Does your product contain alcohol?

It contains no alcohol and is Halal certified meaning that it is safe for everyone. It is also proven to be much kinder to skin and help with skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis

How is DryMist different to any other sanitising spray?

Misting with ultra small particles like ours means the sanitiser lingers longer in the air killing more pathogens and it reaches areas that are difficult or impossible to get to by any other method.

Is DryMist safe to use in an area with fabrics/natural materials etc?

Yes, our products are water-based and because the mist is so fine it is completely safe on soft furnishings and even IT equipment.

What is ATP, and how does SystemSure Plus work?

ATP is the universal energy molecule found in all animal, plant, bacterial, yeast and mould cells.

Using our SystemSure Plus luminescence metre allows us to measure the amount of ATP present on a surface and converts that to a numerical light value. This allows consistent and accurate comparison between two or more readings – before and after treatment of an area.

Looking for an alternative solution?

We offer a range of services and products that can be customised to the unique needs of your industry or business.

Sanitisation Products

We can provide effective nontoxic products to ensure the maintenance and protection of your business and workplace

Self Service Sanitisation

Prefer to use our SafeMist Solution in-house?  We can supply all industrial equipment and training necessary.